Stereo RCA breakout box

  • 10 December 2023 | 

  • electronics.

I’ve built quite a few amplifiers over the years and every time I get to the point of testing them, I always end up having to hack together some kind of RCA-to-rat’s-nest interface (including a level control) so I can connect a source like a CD player into the jumble of boards and wires sitting on my bench that constitutes the device under test. But no longer!

I’m tired of doing that, so I bought a small plastic project box from my local electronics retailer and knocked up a stereo-RCA-to-banana-plug breakout box which makes connecting a source to anything via plain-ol’-wires a breeze.

Photograph of the breakout box
In all its beige glory

It’s such a simple device - after using it for the first time I can’t believe I didn’t make one years ago!

Photograph of the breakout box in use
First use testing a small chip amplifier I'm working on.